Pecage Art Live

Pecage Art Live Stream Market Stall

Hello my name is Tim. Visitors to my proper market stall will have met me but now more of you will be able to as I will soon be launching the Pecage Art Live stream market stall.

I wish I had had the facility to start this during lockdown. I dreamed up this idea of a live stream market stall over four years ago but I have only just signed the lease on a new studio where I can make my dream a reality.

Early days yet, so bear with me and follow my journey as I follow yours and together we can create memorable images for your pleasure.

However good they are online shops simply don’t offer a rewarding customer experience, in fact, and sadly, neither do many shops on the high street. This will bring a completely new shopping and customers experience. Enquire, quiz me, watch as I customise your picture in front of you and then you can purchase directly. Well that’s the plan, the tech is coming together but please forgive some teething problems in the early days.

I should be streaming live on Facebook and YouTube, Instagram possibly to follow later and also Zoom at some point. In the early days you might have to talk to me via chat, but you will be able to hear and watch my replies. As we get better at this my aim is to be talking to you like I am in the room with you.

It doesn’t look much at the moment but this is the start of the build of the Pecage Art Live market stall. It is in my new studio at a lovely location called ‘Duck Farm’ deep in the Dorset countryside and very close to Thomas Hardy’s cottage.

Progress Update

Broadband is installed, greenscreen fitted and tested. Broadcast software initiated so things are moving on, apart from breaking my main camera – not sure how that happened! Here is the latest blog post about the live stream market stall:

And the market stall is looking like this now.

So I need to get a move on. More news to come.