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Pecage Market Stall is coming to You

Tim and the Pecage Market Stall in Salisbury 2021

Visitors to my physical Pecage market stall will have met me but as I am mostly only attending markets and events in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Surrey, most of my online customers have not.

Sometimes I am fortunate enough to meet people holidaying and visiting some of the key locations such as Winchester and Salisbury who go on to order directly from me. However, the majority of my wider customer base have to suffer the inanimate experience of ordering online.

I love the opportunity to chat and banter with customers on the stall and feel it is an important part of the shopping experience for both you and me, but this vital engagement is lost once we turn to a faceless online store.

So I am coming to You. Bringing the face to face experience in a live stream from my new studio deep in Hardy’s Dorset.

Pecage Live Launch

Our Pecage Market Stall Live Launch event is scheduled for Sunday 26th March 2023. Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th so there is a lot to do between now and then. After that I will be scheduling regular live streams on Sundays. Keep up to date with the live dates by liking the Facebook Page or Joining the Group.

Pecage Live Stream Logo

Behind the Scenes

This is a snapshot of my new build market stall. Ready to go and waiting for you to visit. Nobody has tried this before so we might hit some tech snags but initially I expect to at least be able to speak live with you, show you demonstrations, and customise pictures on the stall. Something I can’t actually do on the real market stall. So arguably this version is a little bit better!

Initially you might have to talk to me via comments. I am planning on adding an interactive option, like via Zoom, soon.

So please bear with me and send comments and ideas via Facebook and email:

Come and join in this exclusive event

It is likely that the initial launch will involve a Facebook live broadcast so I would love all of you to scan this QR code or visit my Facebook Page and click the ‘Like’ button. This will ensure you receive all the latest info on the live stream. I am also planning to start a Facebook Group for Pecage Live.

For those who don’t use Facebook I am planning to live stream to at least one other portal like YouTube, and ultimately to Zoom (but probably not for the launch event). If in doubt please get in touch.

All the Best