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What is Pecage? In a nutshell!

Pecage Art in Spring 2020

I know it’s March already but the weather has been glum and nobody has been doing much. Now the sun is coming out! Just needed to say it!

Since I started making pictures in 2015 one of the most common comments from customers has been ‘I’ve not seen anything like this before, what is it called?’

I was always at a loss to answer this but it became clear that I was doing something different. Mixing new designs with different vibrant media but with no fixed rules as to what to do. One Saturday, on a really quiet market in Bridport, I decided to come up with a name that would describe both the art form and a style which could cut across multiple applications of art in all it’s forms but most specifically what I was producing.

I started by trying to describe what I was doing and came up with the title ‘Personalised Elemental Creations’ because this is what I was doing, creating personalised pictures with different elements, each of which could be customised.

That was too longwinded so I got to thinking what other art styles were called. They often seemed to end in ‘…age’, pronounced ‘arj’ so I added the PEC from personalised elemental creations and popped the …age on the end – Hey Presto ‘Pecage’.

Now, Pecage is really a method or style so the resulting product is Pecage Art and I needed a new logo so I took my original Gecko logo and turned it into the ‘Elemental Gecko’ to clearly represent the concept of Pecage.

There is a lot more to the future with Pecage and in 2020 I will be revealing some exciting opportunities and options for all my customers.

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